"in 2005 found Small Sytem Solutions and they created our Web site and have helped create a very user friendly Web site... {they} created a site that could have stats, rosters, schedules, game stories and headlines news"
Pete Collins, Illinois High School Womens Lacrosse Association(Link)

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basestatweb, a product of Small Systems Solutions© - helps any league maintain all information necessary to run your league efficiently. Our league administration software is more than just schedules and stats (hey, we'll do that for you if that's all you want!) For sports stats, we support baseball/softball, lacrosse, field hockey, basketball, and coming soon - football.
Have a sport not listed? Please contact us.
The basestatweb web software and hosting is designed to provide a one-stop "shop" for a league - web hosting, stats/schedules/scores, expenses (and forecasting), player management and documentation (think birth certificate, on file, electronically), website content management and much more.

Custom Sports Websites

Each website we create and maintain is customized to the league we host. Your site will not look the same as other sites We enjoy special requests.


Easy schedule and game score management available to any league administrator.

Quickly and easily setup game schedules for your league, including out-of-league games.
Filter teams to allow faster game schedule setup.
Enter game scores and manage their roster quickly and efficiently.
Managers/Scorekeepers can enter line by line game stats.

Statistics and Player Managment

Managers quickly and easily enter their stats, with both minimal and detailed roster setup.

Managers enter the game stats for the game once completed. Setup preferences to allow stats entered only a certain amount of days.
Enter player details with each league's preferences/requirements customizable, including pictures, eligiblity paperwork and more
Add an entire roster in just minutes with quick add.

Locations / Officials

Easily add locations of your games - with full google/bing maps support. Add and schedule officials/organizations to your games with sensible defaults.

Add a location with google/bing maps support by just the address.
If you need to assign officials, amounts, etc. - it's all there.

Standings and Leaders Calculated Automatically

All game scores, stats, leaders, etc. are calculated and integrated into your website.

Configure the way standings are calculated. We support overall, conference, and division standings configurations.
League leaders are presented any way you want to configure. It's all in the customization.
Box scores.

Player Eligibily / Documents

Maintain player eligibilty by selecing what (if any) documentation, agreements, waivers need to be managed for a player to be eligible. Maintain and store these documents online if required.

This example shows online documenation of a player's drivers license with a quick preview of the uploaded image.
League administrators can quickly update player eligibility for mulitple players.

Reports, expenses - everything you need to run your league

Report on virutually anything - officials costs, field costs, player eligibility

Maintain cost reports, cross-tabluated by field, officials, and months.
Full roster printouts for leagues that may require submitting to newspapers, home offices, etc.

Content Management

Publish content to your website; calendar items, reminder events, and picture directories with images maintained online

Calendar Items and News
Picture Directories

Free-agency, trades, and past seasons

A player leaves your league and comes back a few years later? A student transfers schools?
His/her stats are always available as a free agent. Want to trade? Done.

Move a player to a different team.
Move a player to the "free agent" list. Player comes back later? Reassign him or her back to any team in the league.
Every year's stats, game details are archived and available. Past season "quick" details help summarize each season.

Tablet/Phone Friendly and visitor-customizable

Our new generation websites are designed to be easily accessbile with any portable device.

Each guest to your website can choose a page customization - tracking their favorite team, player, and whatever else you can come up with and suggest.

Interactive, responsive websites

All the extras - included

The extra touches for a website are all included. Got something you would really like to see? We take (and enjoy) requests!

Track a league or team's stats; have a special request? Let us know.
Full player details, including game-by-game stats as well as lifetime stats.
Team pages customized for your league
Hey - it's playoff time! A little extra to let folks know.
When requested, we support multiple languages.