Frequently Asked Questions

What sports do you support?

We support baseball, soccer, field hockey, and lacrosse, and in 2015 - football.

Don't see your sport listed here? Please contact us.

What types of league breakdowns does basestatweb support?

We support three distinct breakdowns of teams; into a league, and optionally - "conference/division", as well as class - for standings as well as leaders.

These three areas of configuration allow both standings and stats to be accumulated roughly the same way as a normal state high school football would support; for instance, a team may be part of a conference that is comprised of more than one class.

How are scores entered?

Normally, the games are reported into the administrators via phone or email. The administrators enter the official game scores.

How are stats entered?

A league administrator sets up the team adminstrator(s) - who manage rosters and stats. League administrators can limit the number of days in the past a manager can enter or modify stats - mainly to prevent cheating / padding of stats.

What happens with past seasons?

The same stats, standings, and game details for previous seasons are archived and available for each season.

Each season gets a writeup where the winners, playoff results and scores, final standings are stored for a summary of each season.

What about league-specific requirements?

Every league has its own set of specialized needs we strive to support "out of the box" - such as player eligibility requirements, and setup of most league details via administrator prefereneces. If we do not currently support a specialized league requirement, we will do our best to find a solution.

What type of equipment do you run on? Is it reliable?

We run on dedicated servers with dual Intel Zeon processors (8 total cores), RAID 1/5 SAS hard drives, dual power supplies, in a PCI-compiant datacenter located in the Chicago area.

Will the website load quickly?

Each website is designed to be ultra-performant. The philosophy is to "compress and cache" - making all the information available in memory only.

Can I try out a demo?

Please contact us and we will be happy to setup a full running demonstration site for you.

How many do you currently host?

We currently host three different sports websites and only plan to increase that number by no more than three per calendar year - since each site is customized and "built from scratch". We do support stats/standings integration into an existing website as well.

Small Systems Solutions hosts many complex websites outside the sports domain; we have many e-commerce sites, hosting insurance rating and policy maintenance websites, and other dynamic sites.